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2018 St. Patrick's Cathedral Wall Calendar

Price: $6.95
Item Number: C2018

Msgr. Ritchie's Letter of Introduction to the 2018 St. Patrick's Cathedral Calendar:

Each year, I am privileged to present the annual calendar of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  It is a pleasurable experience pointing out the various important parts of our wonderful church.  This year, we highlight aspects of the Cathedral that are used for the pastoral activities of our parish.  Some are the same as found in regular parishes some are unique to St. Patrick’s.  The conservation and renewal of the highlighted parts has taken place during the past years through the generous support of innumerable supporters.


            During the years of 2006 to just a few short months ago, the Cathedral went through periods of scaffolding.  Sometimes the scaffolding was present in only a few places.  Other times, the entire building was covered-inside and out!


            Our regular parishioners and our 5 million visitors were very patient in bearing with the visual and audial noise of the years of restoration, renewal and construction.  I am very grateful to those who helped us in this truly monumental undertaking.


            But now, the construction projects are over.  The original beauty that Archbishop John Hughes and James Renwick planned for St. Patrick’s is once again evident for all to see.  I urge all who use this calendar not only to admire the pictures for this year, but also to visit us, pray with us, and celebrate this jewel on Fifth Avenue, personally.