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Wood Carvings

Val Gardena has been the home of skilled sculptors for over 400 years. The art of woodcarving, handed down from generation to generation, represents one of the main characteristics of the alpine valley.

Bernardi Wood Art was born from the fusion and cooperation of three separate firms, Bernardi Willi, Bernardi Hermann and Bejo (Bernardi Josef), active over the last 40 years in the woodcarvings business.

Bernardi Wood Art is a master in creating new models, performing different finishings and offering a great service to its customers. All of this makes Bernardi Wood Art one of the most important woodcarvers in the Gardena Valley . Woodcarved sculptures are made by Beranrdi Wood Art exclusively in its laboratories in Gardena Valley, and the trade mark Gardena Art at the bottom of each sculpture certifies it.

Val Gardena woodcarvings are famous throughout the world. The “Gardena Art“ brand guarantees their quality and origin. When buying a woodcarving of the Gardena Art brand, the customer can be sure that it is a work of great prestige, 100% produced in the Gardena Valley.